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Call or search on-line for help and support from the UK maritime charity sector

Who is Seafarer Support for?

Sometimes we need a little help in steering a course through life’s problems. Seafarer Support will guide you and your family to some of the services available. This might include advice, or finding financial support, depending upon your circumstances.

These are some of the ways in which seafaring or other charities might be able to help:


  • Debt and money management
  • Entitlement to state benefits
  • Bringing up young families
  • Residential or nursing care, sheltered and independent housing in a number of locations in the UK


  • Help with the costs of disability aids and home adaptations
  • Access to priority treatment for working and retired
  • UK merchant seafarers and fishermen

Financial help

  • Grants to help with everyday essentials such as furniture, cookers, washing machines etc
  • Regular grants for those whose income and savings are below certain levels
  • Grants towards the costs of raising children for those who have lost a parent or are  experiencing hardship.
  • These can include day-to-day needs, disabilities, educational costs, or seaside holidays

Career development

Grants and interest free loans for Merchant Navy career development

Self Search for a maritime charity

  • Use the award-wining online Maritime Charities Welfare Guide to search for the maritime charity (or charities) best suited to help.
  • Refers to over 150 maritime charities
  • Search for either yourself or the person you represent.
  • Links to contact charities directly